Joe, Jody, Pat and DJ groomed 2/3 the way to Hinton and back to Anthony's.  Bill left this morning did cross country around town over to Dirkson and then we decided to unhook the drag.  Bill and Jim dry ran over to Marcus and back to Dirkson with just the tractor.  Jim, Derek, and Matt then hooking the drag and grooming back towards Remsen guessing Matt will quit at his house.  Tomorrow Todd and anyone else that can please help out, are going to keep working east.  Please remember the first pass of the season is a bitch and the guys are doing the best with what we got, so if you see any of them a thanks would sure be appreciated.  We will try and keep it moving if the man power permits. You don't have to be certified to ride along and help run the drag and watch for cautions, so if interested drop a line to Todd, Joe, Jody or DJ. Thanks!!



Our trail system has been changed from the viewable map on our website.  We have eliminated some trails and added others.  We are currently working on updating our new trail system map.

From our meeting point in Remsen, our current trail system covers the following: Hwy 3 to Marcus, Marcus to north on 143 to the county line near Germantown.  New trail added is Hwy 3 from Marcus to Cherokee.  The trail also goes along Hwy 3 to Le Mars and then cross country to Merrill.  Also added from Merrill to Hinton. 

Please check back for an updated map!



Well that seems like a quick month. By now, I should be use to getting these on the day of the meetings. Sorry I just never seem to find the time to get them done a little sooner. We have 61 members already, with twelve new which I think is great. Our next meeting will be Wed Dec 1 at Avalon in Remsen at 7 pm. We are going to try Emma Raes café from Merrill for our cater, I think it will be good. From my understanding trail system is completed from Cherokee and German Town to Le Mars, Merrill and half-way to Hinton. Great job everybody that helped now all we need is the snow.


1.  SkiDoo Slips (155 turned in)

2.  GROOMERS attending--STAY AFTER=new sheets (adding Cherokee & Hinton)

3.  ISSA Convention MTG. Info. (6 members attended; Todd Ames, Phil Murphy (new member), Bert Ulrich, Chad Pravecek, and Mit & Jim Skinner)  Thanks for attending!

4. Thanks also to member--Kenny Norris for compiling the CD

5. Thanks to Todd & girls for setting up the table at ISSA Convention. Pictures here.

6.  Co-Pay on Groomer expenses

7.  Club Challenge (lobbyists)

8.  Pioneer Village volunteers.

Sorry for cramming so much in, but still need to leave room for our membership forms for all of you that have not had a chance to send them back. Thanks to all of you that already have and thanks for the ones that are going to be sending them this month. Our club truly thanks each and every membership that we receive and will do our best to keep promoting our sport.

Thanks again,

Dee Jay Kellen




Wow another season is here already it is kind of hard to believe. What a nice fall for a change and we should be able to get all of snowmobile trails in early this year. Well our first meeting is Wed, Nov 3 at Avalon in Remsen. Please take time to fill out the membership and Ski-Doo form right away. The Ski-Doo form is due by Nov 15 and it is a great way for the club to get some free money. They cut our operating budget this year so we might want to put some extra effort into going after some new members again.


Some agenda items for the first meeting are as follow: Trail signs, budget approval, revised trail maps, new land owners list, new Plymouth county request list, web site, cozies and decide what we want to do to replace Pete's great cooking with.  He is greatly missed.


The ISSA convention is Nov 19, 20, and 21 on avalanche at Kings Point in Storm Lake. They would like for us to set-up a unmanned display table of our club if anyone is interested. We also as a club have to stuff the registration packets and provide a gift which we had cozies made for. Mit has spear headed this with Kramer in Le Mars and did a great job. Many other things to discuss for the new season but going to keep it short so I can get both registrations forms on here and please fill the out and turn it in. It is the easiest money we can get.

Thanks your president!

Dee Jay


Ski-Doo Million Dollar Club Support Program

Ski-Doo is doing it AGAIN!!  They are giving $10 to the club for each club member that fills out the form and drops it off at the local Ski-Doo dealer OR bring it to our first meeting of the season. Up to 4 family members can submit the form, although they must be of legal age to ride a snowmobile. Read more about it here.

Deadline is November 15th, 2010

Glen's Sport Center

208 - 16th Street, Hwy 60 South

Sheldon, IA 51201


Help the club get some free money!!


Thank you all to the members that grilled burgers and selling food & beverage at the 2010 Remsen Demolition Derby and the past derby's!


25TH:  LeMars Daily Sentinel - Local Snowmobile Club Receives Dollars for Trails, Safety


Another season about to wrap up for the year. I guess it would be considered a good season for the club. Our membership grew to over eighty family memberships which is up from last year. We also have had a couple of fun runs which we didn’t get in last year so I guess even though seems to have went fast I guess we can considered it a good year. Our last meeting will be this Wednesday March 3, at the Avalon. 

Please make sure to attend for out last meal with Pete and election of officers. I would like to thank everyone that has helped this season to make it a great year for the club. I want to thank those who helped make the Rhodes run a successful day. We raised a generous amount to give to Barb. I think that says two things, one, we have one hell of a club to be able to pull together that much money and two, Ken was one hell of a guy that no amount of money is going to replace but he will be missed and I think that showed up in full at the fun run. Thanks again to all donators and bidders to make it a great day. 

Meeting Agenda: 

  • Pulling of trail signs 

  • Giving a donation to somewhere or was our Rhodes run enough 

  • Election of officers 

  • Volunteers to work derby Groomer log completion 

  • Sweatshirts and shirts 

  • Food ideas for next year 

We ordered shirts and sweatshirts and we are hoping the will be in for the meeting so bring extra funds along.  

Last I would like to say thanks for putting up with me and I have enjoyed being the President of club but I wouldn’t not have been able to do it successfully without the help of the rest of the officers and board members so I want to personally thank all of them for there help. Hope we can keep these member numbers up and continue to have a great club. Thanks to everyone of you that pay your dues because we do have pull in numbers and from visiting with other clubs we are special to be able to have them numbers. Most clubs struggle to stay afloat while we seem to continue to grow and have fun. I hope I kept to the motto I started with KISS (keep it simple stupid) and that the meetings were fun- not punishment. Thanks again



Thank you to everybody that came out to honor Ken Rhodes at the Come Snow or High Water benefit run on February 6, 2010. Approximately 135 snowmobile and bus riders attended the event. 

A special thank you to EVERYONE for the WONDERFUL auction donations, as well as the monetary donations for Ken Rhodes family!!  


Monthly meeting is February 3, 2010 at Avalon at 7 pm.  DJ has been a bit busy, so you won't receive a monthly letter for the coming up meeting.

Come Snow or High Water run is this Saturday, February 3, 2010 in honor of Ken Rhodes. We were not able to add Paullina as part of the route, because the trail system is NOT marked and the route into town has changed from years past. Also, there are too many hazardous areas, so being left unmarked can be very dangerous. SAFETY FIRST!!  Keep checking back the website for the most up-to-date information on the run.

This has been a GREAT year for snowmobiling and for the club. Last year we had 65 memberships and this year we jumped to 82 membership including 32 new memberships. Thanks to ALL new and current members for making this club a huge success!!

Hope to see you all at the meeting!!


Thank you to Bill Klohs, Taage Foreman, Joe Hegwer, Jody Osterbuhr, Matt Schutz, Pat Kellen, Mit Skinner, and Jim Skinner (re-certification) for coming out to take the Groomer Certification Class last Thursday.

Special thanks to Merv Hoermann, District 1 Director, for taking up his time to set-up and teach this class to everybody. 


There is a Fun Run scheduled for January 16, 2010. Registration is from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm at Pheasant in Remsen, IA. Stops include Perraras - Merrill, Beer City - Remsen, Marcus, JB Bar & Grill - Marcus, and back to Pheasant - Remsen at 6 pm.

Use Remsen Union lower east parking lot for trailers. Please don't abuse this it works good for us otherwise we have to plow a open field. We do need a couple of support drivers, let DJ know if you can help.  It is going to be a nice days so get the word out. Sorry for short notice.  


Happy New Year!!

The meeting scheduled for January 6, 2010 has been postponed to January 13!!!

We have plenty of snow to play in, including riding to the meeting. Todd and Jim worked hard on grooming Highway 3, while Joe, Derek, Bret, Jody, and DJ groomed Merrill and Four Brothers trail. Jamie and Corey groomed around Remsen to Beer City so we can ride to out meeting on Wednesday. When riding in the small towns please have respect as it is a privilege for us to run a trail so please don't abuse it.

Thank you to Jody, Christine, Joe, Mit, Adam, Josh Swayback, Gage (Mit's grandson), Jim and Tim Norris for working Pioneer Village on a cold weekend. With all the snow we have received this season, now would be a good time to recruit new members. Most people that are asked are interested, but members have not asked them or spread the word. Stop and think of someone you know about becoming a member and bring them to a meeting with you.

January 13, 2010 at 7 pm at Avalon unless there is a conflict with Dean due to the circumstance, please check at Beer City. Items on the table are Fun Run Report, Check on Sweatshirts, Trail Map, Trail Report, and Places Members have Visited.

Hope to see you all there!!




Powder Players Snowmobile Club
P.O. Box 154
Remsen, IA 51050


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