All of the main trail has been groomed, thanks to Todd, Jim, Derek, Joe, and Jody. On a sad note, we have lost a member of our family today, Ken Rhodes passed away from a blood clot. Ken is Dean's brother who helped out behind the bar and had members of our club for numerous years. Please keep Ken's family in your prayers and thoughts. He had always gives a helping hand, thru the years and DJ personally will miss all his razzing that he had to give. He will be greatly missed.


Text DJ at 712-540-XXXX with your name and phone numbers if you are interested in joining the Response Team.


Powder Players Snowmobile Club donated $750 to LeMars Area Dialysis Services. Click here.


KCAU-TV, featuring the Powder Players Snowmobile Club, on Snowmobilers Help Respond to Emergencies During Snow Storms.


LeMars Daily Sentinel, December 16, 2009 article featuring the Powder Players Snowmobile Club. Click Here.


December meeting minutes are now available, click here.


November meeting minutes are now available, click here.


The next meeting is December 2nd, 2009.  On the agenda, we will be discussing  trail marking.  We found out the hard way we are not doing things the proper way.  We have not been contacted yet for Pioneer Village, but presuming we are on for that again.  Mit said we had 119 Ski-Doo money forms turned in, which comes to a total of $1190. She did a awesome job of calling members.  Hope to see you all at the meeting!

  The first meeting of the season is November 4th at 7 pm.  Reminder to members that snowmobile  registrations are due. At the meeting Bert has insurance and grant items to address, as well as, relaying Scott Langel concerns about the rec trail being used for snowmobiling riding.  Also, we will talk about trailing signing.

November 15th is the deadline to turn your form in for free money from Ski-Doo for the club. If you don't want to take the time to take them to the local Ski-Doo dealer, bring them to the meeting or mail them to the club by November 12th, then somebody will get them turned in by the deadline.

Hope to see you all at the meeting!


FREE Money For the Powder Players Club!!

Ski-Doo is giving $10 to the club for each club member that fills out the form and drops it off at a local Ski-Doo dealer. Up to 4 family members can submit the form, although they must be of legal age to ride a snowmobile.

Deadline is November 15th, 2009

Mail or drop off the form at:

Glen's Sport Center

Attn: Kelly

208 - 16th Street, Hwy 60 South

Sheldon, IA 51201 


Great way to help get money for the club!


The About Us page has been updated, as well as, adding March meeting and member pictures.


KCAU, March 3, 2009 featuring Powder Players Snowmobile Club, Bill Klohs. Click here.  

  Yeah I know they get to your mail box later and later each month but at least they are here.  Well last meeting is Wednesday, March 4th at 7 pm  at Avalon. Just want to take some time to thank everyone that is apart of this club.  Every membership counts.  Had some new faces this year hope it was what they expected and hope to see them again next year.  I want to give a personal thanks to Mit and Jim, Todd and Kristi, Bert and Glenda, Neal and Pete for helping me through this year.  Thanks guys. Thanks to all that help with trail signs, pioneer village, fun runs, grooming and what ever else I am forgetting.  Agenda items: trail signs out, groomer storage and moving, ISSA application form snowmobiler of year, election of officers,  discuss displaying minutes on website, and Pete wants to hang up the food after so many years, hopefully we all can gang up on him and get him to change his mind. Don't forget to check out website


Last meeting of the 2008 - 2009 season is March 4th at 7 pm. Hope to see you all there. 


March meeting is on March 4th at 7 pm. Hope to see you all there!!  


February meeting is on February 11th at 7 pm instead of the first Wednesday of the month. Hope to see you all there!!  


     Third Annual Heart of Iowa Snowmobile Ride Across Iowa February 14-17 along Highway 3. The four-day ride begins in LeMars. Click here. Has been CANCELLED!!

     February meeting is on February 11th instead of the first Wednesday of the month.  

     As of January 24th at 5 PM -- Ditches are groomed on both sides from Le Mars to Remsen. South side of ditch from Remsen to Marcus. Both sides from Marcus toward Germantown to the county line.

     Please contact DJ if you have ideas about a possible Fun Run in conjunction with the Feb 14th Ride Across Iowa, such as leaving from LeMars, riding to the county line, then back to the Pheasant where we can have our own Fun Run.  Contact DJ with ideas or suggestions.
     FYI Neal is in Albany this weekend and said they are getting snow by the feet in case anybody is headed that way.

  KMEG January 10, 2009 video featuring the Powder Players Snowmobile Club. Click here.


     DJ groomed C-38 to Merrill Thursday night and Friday afternoon made it to Remsen.  Trails are now groomed from Merrill to Remsen, to Marcus, and to Germantown, then back to Marcus and back to Remsen. Thanks to the five new groomers Jeremy, Bret, Nick, Time, and Derek that took time to get certified.

     For those that were not at the meeting, we are having an unofficial trail ride Saturday (17th) meeting at Pheasant between 12 pm and 1 pm.  Some suggested riding to Marcus and Germantown or might be a good time being it is not club sponsored ride, is to go to Merrill and hop on the river ride to Hinton and Nickel.  All of the details will be decided tomorrow. For more information, please text or call Neal 540-1050, DJ 540-5723 or Derek 541-8785. Hope to see you all there tomorrow!  Happy riding!

  January monthly meeting pictures are now available in the photo album. Click here.

  February monthly meeting is on February 11, 2009, instead of the first Wednesday of the month. Hope to see all of you there!

  DNR January 2009 newsletter.

         For the Wednesday meeting, enter the dance hall on the south side (parking lot side) through the door there.
       Those riding sleds should take the route around the golf course (LeMars side of Remsen) through the derby arena. Go north at mid Sioux on Marion St. to Gengler Feed railroad tracks, turn right to Main Street. Go to Avalon Alley to park in the lot.
       The old route coming from the Pheasant is still open but is not marked until you get to the burn pile. If you head north at the Pheasant corner, go to the railroad tracks and cross them, then turn left and follow the waterway west and cross the black top, following the waterway until the burn pile where there will be a road over the creek. Then follow the trail in.

  The new TV headline featuring the Powder Players Snowmobile Club was featured on KMEG on January 10, 2009. Click here.

  Be sure to watch KMEG Channel 14 tonight (January 10th) at 10 pm featuring the Powder Players Snowmobile Club.

  We have gotten 2 more sponsors in the last couple of weeks. They are Glen's Sport Center and Jaycox Power Sports. Keep them rollin' in!

  January 2009 newsletter.

  The new article featuring the Powder Players Snowmobile Club was in the LeMars Daily Sentinel on January 2, 2009.  Click here.

  Be sure to watch the LeMars Daily Sentinel for an upcoming article featuring the Powder Players Snowmobile Club.


Happy New Year everyone! January monthly meeting will be on January 14th, 2009 at Avalon Ballroom at 7 pm. 




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