Groomer Operators donate their time to groom the trails. Even though they are running a groomer provided by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) & can only run it if they take a special course to be certified to run it, the IDNR no longer pays them to provide this service. The groomers "are expected to volunteer their time" to groom the trails. This takes time away from their own families, other events they would like to attend, and requires them to spend thankless hours grooming trails, often scooping snow in the cold/sub-zero temperatures when the groomer gets stuck. They are our heroes as they do all this just so others can enjoy the fun of riding their sleds/snow machines.

Our Certified Groomers Are:
Todd Ames

D. J. Kellen

Neal Anthony

Jim Skinner

Derek Kellen

Bret Niehus

Nick Kayser

Tim Bolton

Jeremy Mayrose

Bill Klohs

Taage Foreman

Joe Hegwer

Jody Osterbuhr

Matt Schutz

Pat Kellen

Mit Skinner

Mike Scholten

Jesse Schroeder

Chris Nielsen

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